Evaluating a Memory Care Facility

Written on:April 25, 2014
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One of the hardest transitions in life is to go from being your parent’s child to being their caretaker. Sometimes their health deteriorates quickly and the changes have to be made overnight, while other times it happens slowly and there is resistance on the parent’s part. When your loved one exhibits signs of memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s, the more proactive you are about the situation, the smoother the transition will be. While you may want to care for them full-time, it isn’t always a possibility. There are many wonderful facilities that offer memory care in Utah County. Take some time to visit the ones you are interested in before you make your decision. There are several things you’ll want to take into consideration as you look for a place for your loved one.


Not all facilities are created equal and each one has a different set of standards. Some require a cleaning of the resident’s rooms once a week while others require it once a day. Each facility must meet certain standards to keep their license; but what you want to consider is if your parent would feel comfortable in that environment. Was your mom constantly scrubbing the floors or dusting the living room in her younger years? Did she stay up late to make sure the house was clean? If so, then she will feel at ease in a place that is as clean as the home you grew up in.

You may also want to look at the residents. Personal grooming can be difficult for the elderly. However, each resident should look clean and groomed each day.


Ask the facilities director about the staff’s training. Do they have registered nurses on staff who are available to answer your questions, help with medication, and provide the medical care your loved one may need in the future?

Take some time to observe the staff with the residents. Are they kind, patient, and helpful? Do they seem concerned about the individual and not just the task ahead?

Depending on your parents’ physical condition, you may also want a facility that offers physical therapy. Be sure to ask if that’s a possibility and if they have the equipment and trained professionals on-hand to work with your parent.


Don’t write off a beautiful facility that specializes in memory care in Utah County just because it looks expensive. Many facilities take Medicaid. There are also programs available that can help pay for a dementia or Alzheimer’s patient’s care. Talk with the facilities director about payment options.

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