Improving Your Music Style by Studying Music Theory

Written on:May 8, 2013
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There are many people born with a natural ability to sing or write. More often, though, a person can be a trained musician with a combination of ability and study. If you love writing and creating your own music, you can improve your talents by studying music theory, or the study of how music works. The experts at can help teach a few concepts and they can also help provide you with some of the equipment you need to compose with style.

What Is Music Theory?

Music theory is the study of music, its influence on others, and how different aspects of it can change perceptions and emotions. For example, a study of music would include learning the basics like rhythm, pitch, harmony, chords, melody, and scales–just to name a few. It would also include learning how to combine styles in order to present the message you are trying to portray.

Once you understand the purpose behind rhythm or harmony and how it influence emotions, you can implement tactics into your compositions. If you are trying to express an emotion or feeling in your music, there are certain notes or patterns that can reflect it. Using fast rhythms and catchy tunes, you can energize those you are trying to entertain. However, if you are trying to express peace, you would not use those same tactics.

Understanding Your Instruments

Whether you are experimenting with your voice or an actual instrument, it is important to understand its abilities and how to best express them. For instance, if you are writing music for someone who is not a soprano, meaning that they do not sing high notes comfortably, then you would want to include notes that are in the appropriate range of the singer. Additionally, if you are writing a duet or an orchestra compilation, you want to know which instruments would be louder than others. Rather than compete with one another, they should harmonize and compliment each other.

A great way to see this in action is to watch amateur rock stars who set up their electric guitars and speakers so loud that no one can actually hear the words that they are singing.

The Right Equipment

Get proper training and education in music as you are starting out in your career. Once you have a foundation to build on using music theory, embrace your talents and skills. Use composition software and equipment found on to help you succeed.